Should people start minding their own business?

Posted by: NeonGraze

  • Yes

  • No

85% 17 votes
15% 3 votes
  • it depends on the situation for example if someone was bullying someone or robbing them then minding your own business would not be good but on the whole yeah people need to get out of other people's lives

  • No. For example, if a new war caused by a "new" Hitler, and he was massacring all black people for a racist reason, you're saying we should all mind our own business, in spite of such atrocity? If we all mind our own business, we are creating not a society, but a collection of individuals with no connections. I am not however saying, that we should attack everyone for their beliefs. On a small scale, then yes I understand the need for some people to shut their hole, just not on a large one.

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