Should People Try A Hallucinogen At Least Once In Their Lives?

Posted by: pozessed

  • Yes

  • No

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • Not everyone, if only just not me. I get addicted to everything I start. If I did drugs so much as once, I'd be a hopeless junkie.

  • Why would you try something that is clearly going to damage you? Unless you are stupid, of course.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Have never nor will ever attempt. Waste of time and energy

    Posted by: Mikal
  • depends on the person, but I wouldn't

    Posted by: yay842
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Mysterious_Stranger says2013-10-02T12:53:59.0786968-05:00
Perhaps this alternative would be better. Http://theuniversalgravitation.Blogspot.Co.Uk/2012/05/hallucinating-using-ping-pong-balls-and.Html

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