Should people try and reduce the African birth rate?

Posted by: 124275

  • Yes

  • No

56% 5 votes
44% 4 votes
  • Yes. It is documented that negroids, caucasoids and mongoloids have the biological differences. Negroids aren't evolved as well as caucasoids and monogloids in the terms of intelligence. It is imperative that people should reduce the African birth rate until they caught up Cascauoids and Mongoloids in the terms of evolution. Good education and brain training will help negroids evolve in 2 generations or so. Otherwise, they'd be the liability to humanity.

  • If they do then less people to feed so more food so then you won't be as hungry

  • Really...

  • No; Africa is undergoing the same population transformation that more technologically advanced countries previously have. As infant mortality goes down and standards of living go up, the birth rate naturally decreases.

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RonaldTrumpkin says2016-07-29T23:34:24.8291157Z
Wow, you're a real c*nt arent you

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