Should people wear makeup?

Posted by: PreferNotToBeLabeled

This poll will be about all uses of makeup, commercial and recreational, for men and women.

  • Yes

  • No

65% 26 votes
35% 14 votes
  • Should they is depending to their own opinion if they want to or not want to. If someone wants to, then sure. If somebody doesn't, then no.

  • Yes personally i find it fun to put it on, be yourself i you want to make your beauty stand out more do that, or if you want to cover embarrasing pimples then do that. Human rights. We all have them. Saying no is taking that away.

  • Obviously not mandatory. But if you feel more confident in it, then go for it!

  • yes make up is a type of art. I mean no you shouldn't rely on makeup to make you "be" beautiful because beautiful is your personality. But doing a natural makeup look. Looks really nice and classy. Because nobody doesn't have perfect flawless skin.

  • i do what i want

  • Many of my friends who wear make-up think that they look ugly without it. That is not the case. People are beautiful the way they are, and many women do not need make-up at all. If a person wants to wear it, they are more than welcome, but I don't really think it is necessary on a regular basis. Also, who has time to put all that stuff on? I certainly don't.

  • I think that people are wrong when they say makeup raises your self-esteem. People begin to depend on makeup and some will not leave their home without it on. When they don't have makeup on they think they look like crap. I believe that makeup just eats up money that you could be spending on other things. I personally prefer women who go without makeup. When I see a woman without makeup I think to myself, "wow she has some high self-esteem." Another reason why I prefer women with no makeup is because that's how they really look. They actually look real without makeup. I dislike women with makeup because they look fake and almost doll-like.

  • I find make up to be one big lie. When some people take off their make up, it is like holy Halloween. Also, personally lip stick grosses me out. All those chemicals that are in lip sticks/lip glosses are usually ingested. Also, it becomes an issue when a person can't even leave the house with out make up. I also find nail paint/polish and hair extensions/weave to be disgusting. All natural is best.

  • People are just wasting time with it.

  • people dont have to wear make up if they dont want to. also you dont want people looking like clowns. theres also no reason why they should if the dont want. yes it makes some people prettier but so what? its not like you are dating them and even if you are then you shouldnt worry about wether they do or not cuz u should love them even if they dont wear make up

  • Bad for our skin, and a lot of makeup that is sold (illegally but people who buy usually don't know because it can be fake and a reliable name brand in a reliable store) can contain a lot of harmful fake ingredients that can cause death. Also, too much makeup can cause people to look like clowns.

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Mockery says2014-06-21T20:04:42.6191868-05:00
If people want to wear make up, let them wear make up. It's their face, not yours.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-06-21T20:07:08.6205227-05:00
I asking for personal opinions... I'm not saying the government should ban makeup...
GodChoosesLife says2014-06-21T20:28:27.2149392-05:00
It is a matter of preference... Not a HAVE TO or NOT ALLOWED TO situation... Some people prefer one thing over another and it is a matter of a choice on what they want.. While, for me, I will not wear make-up unless it is the day of my marriage and occasionally for my spouse.. I have never worn make-up, I don't see a point of it.. 1. It ages a person faster 2. It is more beautiful to reveal the beauty of your natural look 3. Don't have to worry about streaks when crying 4. Can be used for occasional events such as marriage or something Again, this is a matter of preference (choice) on a person's thoughts.
discomfiting says2014-06-21T20:29:26.2609392-05:00
Sam, "all natural is best"... Until you realize she doesn't live up to your expectations of physical beauty and ditch her because you think she's ugly or gross? ;)
SamStevens says2014-06-21T20:40:31.4921461-05:00
@discomforting: Well actually, some men might find her attractive. Some won't, it really depends on the man. Personally, I am not attracted to her. But that is still better than being attracted to a women who wears makeup. You should be attracted to someone for their natural look, not what they decide to put on their face.
SamStevens says2014-06-21T20:45:44.7572623-05:00
To add to my comment. Some men have different preferences. Some might like tall women, some might like short. What might be ugly to some might be an attractive look to others. Just because I don't feel attracted to her does not mean she is ugly. It really is a subjective topic.
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-06-21T20:46:21.3697404-05:00
It's a personal choice, none of my business whether they wear makeup or not.
stephanieboxer says2014-07-31T02:56:19.8753160-05:00
Makeup is essential for me to feel confident. It is also a requirement at work
SamairaKaur says2015-06-19T06:24:55.0357791-05:00

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