• Yes

  • No

39% 16 votes
61% 25 votes
  • Anybody who tortures another living thing with no remorse or mercy does not deserve to live or be shown mercy.

  • I agree

  • Anyone who abuses a helpless sentient being does not deserve a respectful and humane treatment. They deserve death in return.

  • Animals have feelings too and if you abuse them you deserve to have it done to you too

  • For example, let's say, at a young age of 15 or so, you get charged with animal abuse, what makes you think someone will be willing to take care of you regardless of your abuse charge?

  • Yes they should because they are hurting ang killing innocent things so maybe they should know how it feels

  • Animals are usually less able to hurt humans back, so humans need the fear of such a punishment to prevent them from doing this. If the human chooses to do this anyway, they bring the punishment on themselves knowing they hurt a living being just as they are now being hurt.

  • I support a heavy punishment for the abuse of any human or animal, but execution should be reserved for only the most heinous crimes

  • I don't even support the execution of people who abuse other humans, so why would I support the execution of people who abuse mere animals?

  • The punishment ought to fit the crime, not gravely exceed it.

  • No. If the abuse causes major injuries to the animal, to the point that it could possibly die, I do not think execution would be a fine way to punish the suspect. A lengthy prison sentence would be a more appropriate action, but if the animal is killed, then execution could probably be good.

  • Execution should be reserved for the most heinous crimes such as first-degree murder and even then I have serious qualms about its widespread use. Animal abuse should be a crime, but in a society that uses animals for our own benefit in numerous ways, it would be hypocritical to assign such punishment for their abuse.

  • No. An animal life is not a human life. We don't execute physicians for performing abortions on unborn children, so why should it be any different on an animal. Animal lives matter, but not nearly as much so as a human life. There should most definitely be laws regarding animal abuse, and abusers of animals should be fined and prosecuted, but execution is going way over the line. Humans are superior to animals in every aspect, and to execute a person because they mistreated an animal is wrong. Of course, a human's superiority to an animal is NOT an excuse to mistreat one, but nonetheless, animal abuse is a crime which should not be punishable by death, but rather by a hefty fine, possible jail time and/or community service.

  • Im a vegietarin

    Posted by: jullar
  • No.

  • WTF no. Okay first off, I don't believe, unless you're a terrorist, you should be electrocuted at all. Second, other animals are INFERIOR to humans, mentally. Sorry, it's sad, but it's true. If I go out and torture a spider or frog (anything that isn't a licensed pet or protected animal of an kind) who gives a shit? I go out and swat a mosquito and I get the death chair according to this. Now, animal cruelty is bad, but this is idiotic.

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ladiesman says2017-10-11T01:09:01.3873960Z
@switchblade2 Animal abuse is a heinous crime. Plus, between 1995 and 2008, capital punishment for the rape of a child under age 12 was legal in Louisiana. It's not a crime that resulted or intended to result in death, but Louisiana considered it egregious enough for the perpetrator to be executed.
ladiesman says2017-10-12T03:19:50.5044772Z
@SiegfriedTrent Using animals for our own benefit classifies as abuse; animal testing and SeaWorld for instance.
SigfriedTrent says2017-10-13T19:58:00.6952298Z
@ladiesman Do you consider keeping animals as pets to be abuse?
ladiesman says2017-10-13T20:54:53.4199061Z
@SiegfriedTrent Not keeping an animal as a pet I don't.

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