Should People Who Do Drugs Be Imprisoned With People Who Can Help Hone Illegal Talents Of Violence And Theivery?

Posted by: pozessed

What Do You Think? This isn't to be an idea of not convicting people for drugs, only ensuring they don't go to prison.

  • Send Them To Prison

  • Don't put them in prison

27% 3 votes
73% 8 votes
  • For Marijuana, no, probation and/or community service is fine. For drugs like Meth, Heroin and Crack? Most definitely

  • You are creating hardened criminals. When drugs are illegal people who use them are already breaking the law and so are more likely not to think twice about committing other crimes, particularly if the person is in the business of selling it. You never hear about street fights between Budweiser and Miller. That's because alcohol is legal. Prohibition doesn't help anyone. Throwing someone in prison, limiting future job prospects, denying eligibility for college financial aid, all this does is make people think "my life is already screwed so I might as well just get high all the time." Many drug addicts would've already come to the point of "this is screwing up my job/relationships/etc..." and would've sought help to quit doing the drugs if it wasn't for prohibition. Prohibition takes away that incentive by slapping a slew of punishments on people that give them nothing to look forward to in the future.

  • everyone has the right to self ownership, thus should allowed to choose what they put in their body. self injurers shouldnt be labled criminals. self injurers arnt a threat to anyone else if drugs are legal, it would be so cheap its almost unsellable, because almost everyone could make their own. if drugs were legal coupled with people receiving charity when needed, opportunity to a good education, to create wealth, and live an independent desent life in a desent environment, have friends, have better things to do so their not bored, and offered uncoerced voluntary appropriate drug rehab/treatment if needed, most people probably wont use or sell drugs.

  • Drug use is a personal choice. We should not be putting people in jail or prison for doing what they want with their own bodies! Land of the free? I beg to differ

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MasturDbtor says2013-09-19T11:13:43.5636323-05:00
I can understand crack or meth as some people will just go crazy on them. But heroin, just makes the person very very tired. Why should I support my tax dollars going to stop people from using heroin when it doesn't effect me? And even for crack and meth we'd be a lot safer if people who really wanted to take them could do so in facilities where they sign an agreement to remain on the premises for the entire duration. Then they can take it in a way that protects the public.

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