Should people who don't pay taxes be allowed to vote?

Posted by: Krampus

Should people be allowed to vote where tax money is spent if they themselves don't pay taxes?

  • Yes

  • No

35% 11 votes
65% 20 votes
  • The connection between right to vote has nothing to do with paying taxes. How discussing a question.

    Posted by: TBR
  • While my gut reaction said that being able to vote was like the product that you are paying for when you pay your taxes, I then realized how classist this could be. We all pay some degree of taxes just by making purchases. Let's say there is a person living out in the middle of the woods. He kills animals when he legally can by season for clothing. He collects herbs and vegetation for food. He boils water to keep it drinkable and uses folk cures when he is ill. Does he have no say in our government? Is he no longer American? I feel that voting isn't something we pay for. It is something that sets us apart from other systems of government.

  • It is their constitutional right.

  • Instead we should take greater measures to make sure people are paying their taxes.

  • It's their constitutional right.

    Posted by: FIZBO
  • If you are studying, therefore not making money, should you not be allowed to vote? I realize this poll is about the unemployed who don't pay taxes because they don't have a job. But how could they get another job? Seems they would know most about it.

    Posted by: MrFox
  • Yes, only if they have valid reason. Else the rich will have control on most of the things, and the poor can not get fair treatment.

    Posted by: PuPu
  • first off what about stay at home moms they are still helpful functioning citizens but most of them dot pay an income tax. and in the constitution it plainly states that any citizen over the age of 18 should be allowed to vote.

  • I don't think people should be allowed to vote if they don't pay taxes for the simple reason that they don't have stake in the outcome. They will inevitably vote to have more tax money go towards their own benefit, but are not contributing. According to business insider, around 43% of americans don't pay federal income tax, so why should they get to choose how the tax money is spent?

  • It makes sense to have people's votes weighted to how much taxes they pay. You may even have certain groups start lobbying the government so they are forced to pay more taxes

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Its peoples constitutional right to vote. Its also their constitutional obligation to pay taxes. I can understand the point of view on the "yes" side of the argument but I just can't bring myself to agree with it.

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Krampus says2015-04-01T12:39:34.7211730-05:00
If you are every fundraising something for yourself, the first question you get asked by potential investors is "Did you invest any of your own money towards this?". There is a very compelling reason they ask this. If you don't have any real stake in the outcome, why should they invest their money into it either? The truth is they shouldn't. If someone isn't helping pay the cost, then they don't get to have a say in how the money is used.
TBR says2015-04-01T13:59:20.8867496-05:00
TheMarquis said it well. You are not buying government. We are Americans, all. I find this concept simply disgusting.

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