Should people with low IQ's or severe mental handicaps be removed from society?

Posted by: Lauren_Duggan

This poll is meant to conform with the Nazi persecution of victims during the holocaust. It was commonly believed -during this time- that individuals with low IQ's or severe handicaps were unfit to reproduce, and were then sterilized or exterminated. --(( I do not in any way agree with the persecution/removal of any group, race, individual, etc. Whether I agree with the above statement is irrelevant. This poll in intended to see where people today stand on the subject, and was created out of curiosity.))--

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Everyone has a right to an equal education, even those who don't meet basic academic expectations. This right should not be revoked.


Not sure.

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No strong opinion one way or the other.



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People who can't meet the expectations of a superior society should be systematically removed in the name of Natural Selection.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-07-27T21:25:40.9775899-05:00
We are at the point where I believe doing so would just be a waste.. I can see humanity modifying their own genes in the future, whether its for a better brain, or to completely wipe out genetic disease. Both are a loyal cause. It would be interesting to create a generation of super intelligent humans with no genetic diseases.
Seido says2014-07-27T21:28:01.5496951-05:00
Just gonna add on to what I said: I do believe that if parents find out that their child is going to have major mental of physical disabilities while it is still in the womb, that they should have the choice to abort the baby. In some cases, euthanizing the fetus before it can live a life of pain might be best for it.
Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-27T21:36:00.5698699-05:00
@ Seido, that is something we can agree on
Wolf_Fang says2014-07-27T21:45:25.8961783-05:00
For stupid people (the people who have no diagnosable mental incapacity yet continue to be of low intelligence), yes. For people who are born with natural mental disadvantages, no. Many of history's greatest scientists wee considered to be mentally retarded at a young age (ex Micheal Faraday and Albert Einstein were both considered to be practically incapable with literature, yet without them I could not be typing this on a laptop right now).
evangambit says2014-07-27T22:55:19.1944171-05:00
"For stupid people (the people who have no diagnosable mental incapacity yet continue to be of low intelligence), yes" I'm not sure what ethical system you're operating under; how do you justify this?
Formerland1 says2014-07-28T01:16:02.9528789-05:00
Autism , asperger, dyslexia ,ect those are not really mental handicaps they are expressive handicaps . Down syndrome is a mental handicap. Albert Einstein was never considered retarded , he had asperger a or Autism ( I forget wich ). People with down sydrome are retarded people with a communication disorder are not. Dyslexia doesn't mean you can't read because your stupid , its kind of like a memory leak between visual and cognativr centres . People with autism and asperger a are often good at math . People often confuse those with actual disabilities like Down syndrome . I think stupid people and people with down sydrome have no place in this world . People with autism , asperger, dyslexia , ect. Can because its not actually effecting thier intelect just the ability to express said intelect.

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