Should personal rights trump business rights?

Posted by: Lordgrae

The is not a communism vs. Capitalism thing

19 Total Votes

Personal is greater

15 votes

Business is greater

4 votes
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Lordgrae says2013-09-03T16:03:07.5354012-05:00
Okay, to Brighamyoungconservative, what I meant is that do businesses have the right to infringe on personal rights?
1dustpelt says2013-09-03T16:48:41.8311828-05:00
Neither trumps the other
Lordgrae says2013-09-16T15:48:19.2694246-05:00
I know its been a while since you posted this, but can you perhaps elaborate?
themightyindividual says2015-03-11T18:15:15.8073312-05:00
Those are the same thing, so I can't clearly answer this poll. Try again.

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