• Phones should be allowed in school

  • Phones should not be allowed in school

69% 24 votes
31% 11 votes
  • Kids, teens, and others need them to communicate, ask for a ride, make sure their mom or dad is coming to pick them up, or to ask their parents to drop something off that they left at home. Also, I look at it as a real life test. To see if people can control themselves. I mean really you wouldn't and shouldn't do that at your job without good reason.

  • because then kids could use it for looking up things that they dnt fully understand

  • we need to listen to music n text our peoples if an emergercy happens we need a get hip

    Posted by: KDonut
  • Okay so just because they get banned in schools does not mean that kids will still bring them to school. at my school we arent allowed to have phones during class, but kids have them out all the time. well that and the teachers really dont care. good thing we are smart kids :)

  • They should be allowed in schools, but not used.

  • Yes because there are many different educational apps that can be used and they can be used in an emergency or research in class. Teenagers think books are boring to study with but they can use their phones and an app to help them. Schools can filter what websites can be used with they wifi. Teachers can take phones away during a test so the students can not cheat

  • Yes but only for emergencies.But you cat use your phone in class unless your teacher says yes/

  • phones should be allowed in school because there could be an emergency or they could use it if there struggling with a subject.

  • They are a distraction, even for the best of students. They are an even greater distraction, for Special Needs students. When my brood went off to college, public & private, cellphones were NOT allowed in classrooms or lecture halls. The stiffest penalty was at my son's college, where being caught with a cellphone (in class or lecture) would cost a student 1 letter grade from their overall grade. If you were caught twice, in the same class, it was 2 letter grades. And if you were caught a third time, you were thrown out of that class. Many jobs also won't allow cellphones. In the real world, you DON'T have to be connected to your BFFs 24/7!

  • Sweet Tea explained it perfectly. She is good at that. also Sweet Tea is wonderful lady that is smokey and taunting. Two words Sweet Tea: Me OW.

  • They are a distraction, students often play on them and ignore the teacher during classes and disrupt the lesson...it get's rather annoying... Students should leave them in their locker OR keep them off on their person. I'm not even kidding...I almost grabed the person's next tome cellphone and threw it. It is an annoyance and wastes everyone's time. keep the damn things off.

  • Use it in your free time. As a student myself, I KNOW that the phone is a distraction to me.

  • wow sweat tea gave an excellent point

  • I do not think that students should have cell phones in class. They should be allowed in lockers, but not for use during school hours. First, if there was an emergency, everyone would try to tell their parents or a guardian. For example, if there was a fire in school and the students tried to call home or their parent's work. The lines might be too flooded with calls for the fire station to get word easily. Secondly, phones are just distracting. When the teacher gets a call it ruins the moment, so I know that peers with ringing phones is not what I want to hear. A final reason to point out is that cell phones in class would allow students to cheat. Imagine. Somebody could simply share answers without the work and copy them down via social media. Cheating also includes plagiarism, which one could do now that one has their phone- their connection to social media and search engines. Classes before cell phones did fine, so why can't modern classes understand the fact that there is already enough technology at schools?

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