• Yes

  • No

20% 3 votes
80% 12 votes
  • It dosen`t matter what kind of physical touching it is. However, it may be abusive, violent or wrong which is completely unacceptable

  • What if said someone is having a seizure and they pass out, you wouldnt be able to help them and kids would feel afraid

  • As long as it is appropriate and both parties are on board

  • How the do you get through a hallway without getting detention then?

  • This isn't a good question.

  • If we didnt have these sports people would be lazy bums sitting on the couch getting fat playing video games and getting a workout to reach into the chip bag. its called life peeps

  • As long as the touch is accidental or something innocent like a high five or hug or even something kinda sexual like a kiss should be okay. Any inappropriate touch is not okay though. It would suck if every touch was banned simply because they touched, It's not reasonable in my opinion. Everyone is going to use touch as a way to show affection and that's okay and shouldn't be punished.

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