Should picasso's work be in a art museum?

Posted by: Tada

I was just wondering since it doesn't look that good. People say "its a pice of art" but no just no man, my grandma can do better!

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Yes, it should be!

25 votes

NO, It shouldn't be in a museum

6 votes
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MaryAnn_C says2017-09-19T18:40:19.9764384Z
It was the way that he used basic shapes to portray a human figure. Picasso is one of the best known artists, and his work should be in a museum. We all have different approaches on what art is, that's what makes 'art' art. There is no right or wrong way to do art. Yes, oh yes man, this is a piece of art. Your grandma may specialize in a different kind of art. You have to appreciate the beauty and effort that people put into their projects.
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