Should Planned Parenthood share the 'profits' with the parents of the babies whose body parts were sold?

Posted by: Scratch

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Forthelulz says2015-07-16T17:41:07.9796959-05:00
Scratch says2015-07-16T17:50:26.3050095-05:00
@Renegader Where have you been??
Renegader says2015-07-16T18:00:41.2934768-05:00
The video didn't prove that they sold anything. Actually, in the fully uncut video, she even said they would not sell any body parts for profit.
Stefy says2015-07-16T19:14:19.0435703-05:00
Yeah that didnt even happen
TBR says2015-07-16T20:45:34.6329265-05:00
Any nonsense that agrees with the narrative is accepted no matter how ridiculous it is. This video is a complete hatchet job that has taken... A few min to debunk? Regardless, it will be pointed at as "real" for years to come by the dimwitted and easily misled.
LowInfoVoter says2015-07-17T21:06:50.6102176-05:00
I saw the whole video and found it revolting and disgusting with all the things she said. I wonder at what point we stop trying to prove our party is right verse standing up for ethical decisions. This forum is entertaining because it really showcases those who allow others to think for them and tell them how to feel.
TBR says2015-07-17T22:26:24.0598711-05:00
@LowInfoVoter - I seriously have no idea what you are saying.
Jack_D says2015-07-25T01:41:12.3707428-05:00
This never actually happened, so the question is nonsensical.
Scratch says2015-07-25T07:07:21.3866571-05:00
@Jack_D I'm going to guess you are pro-abortion. Denial isn't sufficient to disprove hard evidence. You want a Lamborghini also??
stainless67 says2015-10-10T19:13:28.5940872Z
Screw you scratch

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