Should Pokemon Go be banned?

Posted by: 348557612

Is this game fun, or downright dangerous and dumb?

  • Yes

  • No

36% 18 votes
64% 32 votes
  • Because it kills stupid people because they walk into the streets playing this game. Tbh... the company should be sued and torcherd

  • Becuase it leads people to death. TO A DEATH TRAIL SO BAN IT

  • because many bad things happened with it. such as walking into a road, or going to an unfamiliar place

    Posted by: poiuyy
  • Pokemon is tiresome, obnoxious and annoying. The pathetic inability to do anything, go anywhere, or exist as a human being without looking down at a phone is tiresome, obnoxious and annoying. Stupid people making foolish decisions are tiresome, obnoxious and annoying. Now some genius has combined all three. Want to guess how I feel about it?

  • it killed someone

  • It's a fun, free game that encourages people to go outside and exercise (and often socialise). It's also led to many public places being well populated, and therefore safer, at night. Yes, some idiots have tried to play whilst driving, and caused accidents - but I don't see this as being the fault of the game. Before Pokemon Go, people tried to facebook and drive, or text and drive - there will always be morons who put themselves and others in dangers. Nobody is suggesting we ban text messaging because of the huge number of people who do it whilst driving, or who walk onto roads etc. because they're not paying attention. In the case of Pokemon Go, I think the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • If you don't like it, don't play it Let those who like rot their brains

  • no this is america freedom to play speak and die as we plaese

    Posted by: Orman
  • You can Get Hurt but that Is Not pokemon Go's fault its the stupid peoples

  • As an american, you have the right to do what you feel. If you want to do dumb and dangerous things, that's your choice. If you want to play pokemon go, that's your choice! "Banning" pokemon go will just cause more crap we don't need.

  • Pokemon Go gets people outside to exercise- it encourages them to exercise and be outside


  • The fact that people get killed or they crash or anything like that, it's blame of the user, not from the company

    Posted by: AlFox
  • sub to pewdiepie

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Orman says2017-03-22T19:02:28.8912161Z
I hate the game because i hate nintendo
Mharman says2017-03-22T19:23:05.4720161Z
Lemme guess Orman. You're one of those 8 year olds on Call of Duty, making stupid jokes about peoples' mothers.

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