• Yes

  • No

36% 21 votes
64% 37 votes
  • Why should the government get to decide whether pornography is legal? It's a business, who cares? Just like painters draw and sell their paintings, why should pornography be illegal?

  • Pornography should not be banned, it will cause a riot for all those people out there.

    Posted by: yay842
  • What!? I think MTV should be banned. Control your kids control yourself....

    Posted by: M1978
  • Pornography is a sexual stimulant. Governments should stay outside peoples bedrooms. Is nothing sacred?

  • Pornography doesnt hurt anyone. If people want to get paid to have sex on camera its their business.

  • Nope.

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MegaMeg132 says2014-04-09T22:42:52.0098777-05:00
Because of pornography relationships are destroyed, divorce rate has increased, and innocent teenagers are addicted, trapped. Because of pornography, young children are getting addicted. M1978, you say that children and adults should control themselves. Can adults and even some teenagers control themselves from drugs, alcohol, etc.? No, because it's an addiction, just as pornography is. Taryninspired1558, you say it doesn't hurt anyone. You are more wrong then I can ever express. It has ruined my life, my friends life, and destroyed people I hold so dear. Are you addicted? Are you like most and feel guilty every time? Do you cry and feel sick and disgusted like people I know? If you are, then you would agree with me that the government would be doing everyone a favor. If you want to watch people have intercourse, then go experience it your self. Sexual relations is supposed to be sacred and beautiful. Not lustful, and disgusting. MegaMeg132, 16 year-old from Texas
randomuser2349 says2014-11-14T00:15:58.2964400-06:00
It's never going to happen. All it will do is shift it underground, like alcohol.

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