Should pregnant woman be charged for being on drugs while they were pregnant ?

Posted by: meganspinks

Should woman who are pregnant be charged for doing drugs while carrying the child to term? Tell me what you think about this, taking into consideration they might not seek proper care if knowing the charges they face.

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Yes they should be charged

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No they shouldnt be charged

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meganspinks says2014-04-15T15:34:49.8586582-05:00
Please feel free to leave comments about what you think about this topic!
donald.keller says2014-04-15T17:15:31.6836315-05:00
Blackbird. Your addictions are still your responsibility, and you must control them. Should a kleptomaniac be free to steal as pleased because it's an addiction?
Mikal says2014-04-15T17:19:08.4915368-05:00
They should be charged regardless. If it is illegal charge them, if it is not then no.
donald.keller says2014-04-15T17:24:40.7293071-05:00
@Mikal I have always agreed that you should be charged if it's illegal. It's the law, and should be enforced.
Venusara says2014-04-16T20:02:41.6998299-05:00
@donald, there is a difference between explicit property/body protection laws and prevention laws (drug abuse), it is within our rights as citizens to challenge blanket laws that are proven to harm society more than they help.

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