Should pregnant women infected with the Zika virus abort their fetus(es)?

Posted by: SamStevens

The Zika virus is potentially linked to microcephaly, a condition wherein newborns are born with shrunken heads and severe disability.

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It depends

It depends on how severe the condition is or if the mother chooses to abort said fetus, etc.
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SamStevens says2016-02-02T22:52:43.8545101Z
Read on, Comrades!
TBR says2016-02-02T23:04:26.6837309Z
This is about the same as the other you (i think it was you) started. It is the woman's choice, and only her choice to terminate pregnancy. If you ask "would YOU...." that would be the better question.
SamStevens says2016-02-02T23:08:29.3323525Z
Issue remedied.
snkcake666 says2016-02-02T23:30:23.8463329Z
@reece Is that satire I see?
TBR says2016-02-02T23:33:02.1249475Z
How is the "issue remedied"?
SamStevens says2016-02-02T23:40:14.8900117Z
Because I added an "It depends" option. With this option, one can choose it and state that a fetus's termination should depend on...[the choice of the woman, severity of the issue, religious reasons, ethical reasons, etc].
SamStevens says2016-02-02T23:53:34.8317225Z
Since you have a thing with the choice of a women, here ya go: User Bot chooses the "'It depends' option and states 'The termination of the fetus affected by microcephaly due to the Zika virus should DEPEND on the choice of the mother.'" The issue caused by a lack of an "It depends" option has been remedied. Some people with certain religious/personal beliefs might say that the fetus *should*[n't] be aborted sometimes with out the opinion of the mother. In the real world, some people disregard the mothers say. The question stands.
SamStevens says2016-02-02T23:54:23.0525589Z
reece says2016-02-03T00:08:16.4533008Z
@snkcake666 Noooooo! Why would you say that?!
snkcake666 says2016-02-03T00:11:52.8190753Z
@reece Just a hunch.
reece says2016-02-03T00:20:16.9595194Z
@snkcake666 Why "cure" something that God's given us? Obviously he wants us to be "mentally disabled", as some call it. I think it's a blessing. Maybe it's a way for us to get to know him? It's all part of his plan.
TBR says2016-02-03T00:24:44.3836585Z
I am telling you there are fundamental flaws in asking the question in this manner. If you want to understand the positions of pro-life and pro-choice, the phrasing has to understand each better. You, it would see, just don't get what pro-choice is. When you ask "would you" - it changes this to a more direct jumping-off point for each side.
snkcake666 says2016-02-03T00:25:10.1165986Z
@reece Hm, ever read Flowers for Algernon?
reece says2016-02-03T00:30:23.4914074Z
@snkcake666 No. Please tell me.
SamStevens says2016-02-03T00:31:48.9017433Z
TBR: So I am incorrect in my understanding that pro-choice is where the woman gets to choose whether or not to terminate a fetus? I hope that my understanding is correct since I am pro-choice in the majority of cases. Tell me what your understanding of pro choice is and correct me if I am wrong about my understanding.
SamStevens says2016-02-03T00:32:53.5498009Z
Snkcake666 Did you ever watch the movie?
TBR says2016-02-03T00:35:49.0231001Z
Yea, but your polls don't really reflect that. You are asking "Should pregnant women" is moving the concept of choice from the woman onto a third party.
reece says2016-02-03T00:40:06.9819477Z
@TBR Would it of been better if he only asked women?
snkcake666 says2016-02-03T00:54:53.6604315Z
@SamStevens I have read both the book and seen the movie. Not particularly a fan of either, but it did present an interesting concept. @reece I would not exactly recommend it, since it was not an exceptionally amazing work, but it did contain a sort of moral which I have remembered. Whether it is agreeable or not is up for debate: A man is given the opportunity to fix a mental handicap (mental retardation) which he received at birth and lived with his entire life. He took the liberty of receiving an operation to fix it, and his learning abilities were not only improved to average, but to well above average. To the point that that society classified him as "genius". However, in the process, he grew arrogant and rather spiteful for that matter. At his peak, he experienced a critical change for the worst, and all the progress of his, the learning, was abruptly undone, and in the end, he was in a state even worse off than before he was granted the change. It always looped back around to "playing God". But there was something interesting. It portrayed his average life, before the operation, as blissful, but one he was granted that "blessing", it turned for the worst. Perhaps 'ignorance is bliss'. Or perhaps 'take not for granted'. And maybe 'play not God's role'. Regardless of the interpretation, your statement in a sense reminded me of such, even if initially satirical.
TBR says2016-02-03T01:24:23.3494245Z
@reece s- As a man you can give some personal "would I". Or, how would I like if my wife. Ultimately it is a woman's choice, and ONLY her choice.
reece says2016-02-03T01:33:23.2396364Z
@snkcake666 I'm going to electrocute myself -
reece says2016-02-03T01:37:17.1631359Z
@TBR Yeah, it seems you're reading too much into it.
snkcake666 says2016-02-03T02:23:03.1239381Z
@reece Mhm, have fun with that. Try not to make a mess.
TBR says2016-02-03T03:30:57.7645481Z
#reece - Nope. Not at all. Not in the fu*king least. If you think that, you are NOT thinking enough about the question.
reece says2016-02-03T04:10:04.6555015Z
@TBR Okay, if you want to delve deep... The question is hypothetical in the sense of an ideal world for the reader.
TBR says2016-02-03T04:53:59.3379415Z
In the idea world of the reader, the only choice that matters is the women's. Now, had I the ability to gestate a fetus, and the fetus was known to have a physical or mental abnormality, I would abort.
reece says2016-02-03T04:57:15.0620617Z
@TBR So you would be a women...
reece says2016-02-03T04:58:05.5891661Z
Or a man that's able to carry?
Wolfram says2016-08-03T07:11:17.7635699Z
Yes. Because the infected genes will procreate in the future and thus creating more problems.

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