• Yes

  • No

98% 41 votes
2% 1 votes
  • I personally believe that pregnant women should never wear lipstick. It makes them look too attractive which is just plain stupid considering the fact that the woman already has a husband / partner who she created the baby with. This could lead to affairs which humanity just doesn't need.

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Anonymous says2016-10-01T00:04:10.5937971Z
Who cares? What, do you like to F#ck Pregnant MILFS that wear Lipstick? Honestly, unless there are any issues regarding lipstick that can be compared to the fetuses general health then, sure.
benhos says2016-10-03T01:09:12.4581369Z
Why does it matter?!?! Oh, btw, it's wear*
UnauthorizedRosin says2016-10-18T22:01:32.8959976Z
It is a pool because some lipsticks contain phthalate, which is a chemical that can harm the pregnancy. Lipsticks that don't contain it is completely fine.

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