Should primary and secondary education be a Liberty, not a Duty?

Posted by: Mremann87

Should education be a freedom such as freedom of religion, a Liberty and a personal responsibility instead of a duty and imposition? If not, should adults also be subject to reeducation if not properly assimilated and socialized?

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Elementary and Middle school should but not high school

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Perhaps, with a Minimum Guaranteed Income

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Never, societal homogeneity is of utmost importance to Public Health and National Identity

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-10T09:17:03.2120131-05:00
The answers other than Yes and No are rather strange...
Texas14 says2015-06-10T14:35:53.4357764-05:00
This is tricky because of you say education is a freedom, it's easy to say it is a right. It is NOT a right. It's a privilege and you cannot say that you have a right to someone else's services.
Mremann87 says2015-06-10T16:36:50.6652950-05:00
Any duty imposed by a righteous society without personal agency in the matter is Slavery By Society. And inevitably, Murder/Suicide by Society. A Society such as this should be utterly ashamed for treading on children, even if in the name of god/good intentions.
Mremann87 says2015-06-10T16:52:42.5320406-05:00
Also, if "education" is necessarily "good" for "society"(<rhetorical buzzwords), why should we not all be obliged to "National Rehomogenization" for the Greater Good of the Peace and Dignity of our Great Proletariat?
Mremann87 says2015-06-11T02:51:19.9345525-05:00
Wow the slavespeak here is so evident
TyroneShelton says2015-07-07T19:43:02.6822937-05:00
No, forcing people to do something is not slavery, especially with children. Education is good for society. People being smarter is always good for society. Unless you think people should be stupider. In my eyes, not educating children is setting them up to be slaves in their life, with no chance of advancing beyond the low class.
Charlatte says2019-03-09T06:20:51.2647752Z
No involuntary servitude. I do believe schools fall into this category as many people aren't there voluntarily but I still do believe students should be taught the basics up until high school which is when they should have choice to continue learning and the subjects they pursue too.

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