Should prisoners have Conjugal visits?

Posted by: BblackkBbirdd

A conjugal visit is a scheduled period in which an inmate of a prison or jail is permitted to spend several hours or days in private with a visitor, usually his/her legal spouse, but could be other family members e.g. children, parents or siblings. Additionally, they are said to serve as an incentive to motivate inmates to comply with the various day-to-day rules and regulations of the prison, to avoid any infringement which might disqualify them from having a conjugal visit. The visit will usually ta

  • Yes

  • No

89% 8 votes
11% 1 votes
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brendanww2 says2014-04-15T18:23:29.8931298-05:00
Maybe, as long as their was some sort of security to prevent escapes and sucides

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