Should Prong Collars be Banned?

Posted by: Dreamerym

They are banned in many areas of the world, but not yet in the US. So Yes Prongs should be Banned, or No they should not?

  • Yes, Prong collars should be banned.

  • No, Prong collars should not be banned.

50% 2 votes
50% 2 votes
  • They are a training tool no different than electronic collars. Some dog breeds are difficult to train and the collar helps the dog to recognize its bad behaviors when the collar is jerked on. Some people believe the only way to get a dog to listen is by providing positive reinforcement with praising, treats, and clickers. My dog won't stop jumping up on people, regardless of any professional obedience training. And she has recently started to jump up and bite while she's playing. It doesn't matter how many times she's told NO, DOWN, STOP, she doesn't get it. But having a collar that reinforces those commands is the difference between keeping her or taking her back to the pound.

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