• Yes

  • No

64% 14 votes
36% 8 votes
  • Prostitution is symply inevitable,prostitutes would be more safe in their work,if it would be Legal,due to the fact that they wouldn´t depend of a Pimp they would be free and they could earn money legally.

  • That way we can regulate it and do more to keep these women safe as well as have more opportunities to help them get out of it instead of having them end up in this terrible underground criminal system where they have abusive pimps and all this stuff. Its not a crime its their body.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • If pornography is legal just because there is a camera there and a third party handling finances, why not panderers (pimps) and prostitutes? Reference People v Freeman seen in the California Supreme Court. This was also referenced in NH Supreme Court as it saw New Hampshire v. Theriault. The only distinction made in both trials was the use of a camera and a third party handling money with the "intent" to distribute the film for profit. Using this distinction means it is covered under the first amendment for freedom of speech. Personally, this makes no sense to me. Upon requests for elaboration from California Lawyers, I was quickly and wrongfully labeled a "wannabe Pimp trying to find a way to skirt the system" and was bullied by multiple so-called lawyers at the same time. This seems to be a topic nobody wants to truly address as is needed.

  • Legalize it, tax it, and make sure the women are healthy so men can do what they have done for hundreds of years and pay to get their peepee felashed

  • Nah, prostitution is "legal" enough. Its not exactally "wrong" but it does spread disease. It being illegal slows that spread and keeps (some) people honest. By legal enough I mean that many companis offer escort services where you pay for the time spent, the sex is always free.

  • Sex should not be a commodity, however, Prostitution facilitates that mindset.

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