Should Psychedelics be Legalized?

Posted by: Toe

Substances such as MDMA, DMT, And LSD

  • Should be Legalized

  • Should Stay Illegal

57% 8 votes
43% 6 votes
  • They are much less harmful than other legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol and have a very low potential to abuse.

  • Much like marijuana, Psychedelics don't make people more aggressive like alcohol does. This should lower crime rates. Also, If people want to ruin their cognition with psychedelics, Why should I stop them? That's their life, Not mine.

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SWATSniper says2019-07-12T13:18:18.4559363Z
I don't care if someone takes drugs. Only problem is possible increase of traffic accidents, But "Don't be under influence when driving" propaganda should fix that problem.

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