• Yes

  • No

44% 8 votes
56% 10 votes
  • Definitely! Our government shouldn't be spending on unnecessary things, and as always when a government controls education, the schools are becoming a tool for propaganda. "He alone who owns the youth gains the future." - Adolf Hitler

  • We cannot afford it. We would also have the ability for schools to teach as they choose.

  • competition/more consumer choice lowers costs, increases quality and quantity. pvt sector- not gov-subsidized no unfair tax breaks. not law exempt. not allowed to steal to fund its operation. goes out of business if it doesnt provide an affordable quality product/service. gov-sector- steals to fund its operation, often because its a failed fraudulent criminal inefficient unnecessary operation that no one wants. gov-sector steals from prvt sector=reduces competition, reduces quality and quantity, increases costs. rewarding failure caused by risky behavior w bailouts and subsidies encourages more failure. ban gov funds to k-12, headstart/preschool, remedial classes, and all college courses that dont teach whats needed to make survival products(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, healthcare supplies and services for testing for and treating physical healthy problems and birth control, soap...)and survival services(like surgery..). only have a highly efficient job training program that doesnt teach anything unnecessary for the job, to teach how to make survival products and do survival services(as above) give a gov no intrest, credit wont go down if not repaid, no collateral, confidential loan to those who cant afford it, where they dont have to pay it back until they have over $33,000 man made property value. put in full tax deductions for: -education costs for learning how to make physcial survival needs, -business costs for makeing physcial survival products. individual gets $7/h to $12/h for makeing and teaching uncorocred willing people how to make physcial surivial products.

  • Education is one of the most important things in the world. The children are our single most important resource in our nation. Education shouldn't be about making a profit, it should be about the children. It is extremely necessary and useful for the nation, economy, and society as a whole.

  • One of the most integral parts of a thriving and overall successful nation and society is education. Those who get into education to make a profit are in it for the wrong reasons and as a result of this not only will children suffer but society at large will as well.

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leojm says2013-09-16T15:18:45.6610179-05:00
abyteofbrain says2013-09-17T17:34:30.2089342-05:00
What? What?
abyteofbrain says2013-09-24T20:20:56.8402042-05:00
Education's important, but our government can't be trusted with it. Capitalism ensures that schools will compete, and thus have much better education than a non-competitive public school.
Krieg01 says2013-09-25T21:47:03.7822071-05:00
I don't really care for school.
fluffybunnypuff says2013-09-26T08:45:25.9662584-05:00
Whoever voted no probally works for a gov-school. Gov-schools are paid for by sadists totalitarian gov, and run by school staff/teachers who do it for no other reasons than profit and being able to saditically control victims.
abyteofbrain says2013-10-01T15:42:04.7431938-05:00
I should have posted this under oppinions.

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