• Yes

  • No

42% 8 votes
58% 11 votes
  • They already fit most of the criteria for statehood. Its time for them to enact a state constitution and apply for full statehood.

  • Why is America holding on to it if it aint a state, make it a state! :D

  • why the hell not?

  • Puerto Rico should be granted equal status, protection, and rights as a full state as the Constitution does not recognize US "territories" and therefore denies them many rights that other Americans take for granted such as voting for President.

  • I think there's equal arguments on both sides as to whether or not they're ready, but I think it's up to the Puerto Rican people and they obviously don't want to at this point.

  • Puerto Rico should be an independent, sovereign and free nation because it has nothing in common with the U.S. for the following reasons: 1. Puerto Rico speaks Spanish, the U.S. speaks English 2. Puerto Rico is predominantly Catholic, the U.S. is predominantly protestant 3. Puerto Rico has better ties with Spain, the U.S.has ties with the U.K. 4. Puerto Rico has a national anthem "La Boriqueña", the U.S. has a national anthem "Star spangled banner" 5. Puerto Rico has a lot of Spanish influence in the country, mostly British influence is in the U.S. 6. Puerto Ricans celebrate three kings day, good Friday, and the birthday of José de Diego, the U.S. doesn't celebrate any of these holidays.

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CannedBread says2015-07-28T22:40:58.9507417-05:00
Brought to you by the board of remaking polls.
Ryan2315 says2015-07-31T01:50:51.8456579Z
IF the people of Puerto Rico decide it, I think it should become part of Florida rather than becoming a new state. But that's just because I prefer whole, even numbers rather than a messy odd number. 50 looks so much better than 51. That's only my opinion.
58539672 says2015-07-31T02:37:36.1467298Z
@Texas14 No one is trying to force them. The constitution states that congress cannot force anyone to become a state. They have to do it willingly. And the PNP, which is a statehood advocacy party, got 61% of the vote for admission to the union.

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