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No Quebec should stay in Canada/We're all Canadian. French or English

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Oui, vivre le Québec libre!

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UtherPenguin says2016-02-12T22:21:31.7848528Z
That blue spot on the map is only half of Quebec.
stschiffman says2016-02-13T04:00:08.2020315Z
As an American, I really don't feel like I should vote either way. It's a decision the people of Canada should make, not mine. All I'm going to say is, as far as American history is concerned, when individual states try to become independent, it usually doesn't end well. Last time some of our states wanted to break off and form their own nation, 600,000 men died as a result.
Mister_Man says2016-02-13T04:14:58.8444679Z
@stschiffman - There are many differences between the Civil War and this hypothetical situation. 150 years is a long time, for starters, and the attitudes as well as laws have changed throughout North America. If Quebec wanted to be independent, and the rest of Canada didn't care, then there wouldn't be any reason for there to be a war. The most annoying part would probably be putting up borders, so people from Ontario couldn't easily get into Quebec anymore. The Civil War was also based around slavery. The South wanted to own slaves and increase the amount of states that could own slaves, while the North wanted to abolish slavery altogether. This would have nothing to do with slavery, or any moral dilemma, really. There wouldn't be any logical reason for one side to hate the other. Quebec isn't trying to own slaves, nor is the rest of Canada. Nobody is trying to do anything that the other half of the country doesn't approve of. So I don't believe for a second that a civil war would break out. The worst thing would probably be angry letters to the PM and rants on Facebook.
58539672 says2016-02-13T04:20:36.6555295Z
Quebec is to important of a region for Canada to just give it up, and Quebec is to dependent on the rest of Canada to leave. The economies of both regions will take a massive hit if they separated. In an absolute worse case scenario, Canada may not exist as a country anymore.
Mister_Man says2016-02-13T04:23:48.8441286Z
US might annex Canada if Quebec leaves, lol
Skyscraper says2016-02-13T15:12:41.9015421Z
I lived in Quebec Most of my life and i married a hot Quebec lady and she was a separatist at the time lol. My perspective is a lot different then it was in 1979 as well with a lot of the french population. We have family spread all over Quebec and the topic dose not get heated at all but there could be some passion still there but we have respect for one another much different then the old days depending who you spoke with at the time. I was fed up as well so i had voted for separation back in 1995. If you noticed the map above that is one of the oldest arguments. Rupert's Land was given to Quebec and was signed if Quebec keeps the land if they stay in the Canada confederation. But in international laws they would recognized the boarders as the status quote. But a lot of that territory is owned by the first nations as well they they would have to make a destination to stay in Canada or not so Quebec was originally never as big as you see it on the map today. Separation today is consider an old mans dream. Back in 1980 it would have been economically possible but in today's times it seems almost impossible due to globalization. So now we have a billionaire like Trump trying to stir up the pot again but i believe the message and passion is way to week. But today there are a lot of elements still going on such the push to exile the English schools . The secret language police that uses civilians to search out websites and local stores and allows them to report to an establishment that leads to fines. If you own a businesses your webpage has to be bilingual and products and instructions plus movies cant shown unless it is available in french or DVD cant be shipped to Quebec unless it has been translated . So in a nut shell Quebec operates as a Independent country already to the rest of Canada with the strictest language laws in the world. But over all we just ignore it and buy from Amazon if needed lol but still a great place to live.
Galacticat says2016-02-13T19:13:13.3356507Z
@Uther Penguin I know! But Debate.Org was being really weird. So it wasn't letting me choose the pictures I wanted. I'm not sure what it's representing in that picture, maybe the agreement or disagreement ?
sakiusa says2016-02-14T16:01:24.8852218Z
If Quebec want's to succeed then it should be the choice of the people.

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