• Rap music

  • Pop music

61% 33 votes
39% 21 votes
  • There was no other option. Though I would approve of rap music if the lyrics of many songs were appropriate, and the style was not too shabby or "gangsta". I really detest pop music.

  • this is just a racial issue in the making

  • Why not ? Rap out of all other music genres if you listen to the right artist speaks out the most on issues like rasicm politics religion and life in general .

    Posted by: Modis
  • I love all types of music but the type I listen to when I am feeling like I need to make a change is Rap. I can relate to some rap artists. The music that they release is relatable for a lot of people. Now the "rap" of today, however, is utter trash but you can do you.

  • Children attending schools should be allowed to express their style of music. I also think it depends on age level, if a 7 year old is listening to 2pac, then no. But if it is from 5th grade beyond, then it is fine.

  • Rap music is crap. A lot of it has inappropriate stuff. That is why pop should be allowed. At least you can actually understand and enjoy pop.

  • Rap is annoying and most of it is based around sex, drugs and violence. Or hating on others.

    Posted by: Liz_ME
  • It's okay if it isn't explicit. Rap was made off of soul and blues, Not talking about my n*ggas doing drugs and raping women (cough, Cough, 6ix9ine. ) And while they do talk about politics and racism in their music, It usually only favors the Democratic Party.

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Debating_Horse says2018-01-19T00:21:35.2403147Z
Why did pop music have to be the other option? Darn!
dakota.redich says2018-01-19T18:37:13.0145389Z
Thank you guys for picking rap music.
dakota.redich says2018-01-19T18:37:36.2901865Z
Pop sucks
Observer001 says2018-04-12T20:39:55.8880245Z
Rap isn't all crap most of this new garbage on the radio and "mumble rap" that people like nowadays is pretty bad, but old school and some artist today even are good
Observer001 says2018-04-12T20:41:18.4120245Z
P.S. (I misspelled a lot on the last one) Rap doesn't just talk about sex, drugs, and violence it's all on who you listen to.

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