Should rapists who contract AIDS from their victims be treated with expensive drugs at the taxpayers’ expense?

Posted by: brian_eggleston

If it is confirmed that a rapist in Britain contracted AIDS from his victim then he will be entitled to free medical treatment on the NHS. Is that right?

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Rapists deserve to suffer for their crimes, not the taxpayer.

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Medical treatment should be be available to everybody according to need.

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Kathyrn says2013-09-06T09:50:03.0897398-05:00
RE the question by Brian_eggleston: Yes you are correct, everyone is entitled to free medical care. Tourists, children, people making over £100,000 per year. Just so that you know.
Iloveit says2014-01-25T21:53:44.1753472-06:00
No, it's not correct. Rapists don't deserve to have rights because they take away their victims rights to say no and still do it. The rapist in Britian shouldn't have raped his victim and then he wouldn't have AIDS that his fault. He deserves to suffer with the consequences . I mean does the victim deserve to be raped? Of course not. So the rapist doesn't deserve to get medical help for something that was all his fault it's no one's fault but the rapist.
Anarchocapitalism says2014-05-04T02:41:02.3996059-05:00
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
TheAnonymousOpinionGiver says2018-06-22T12:29:57.8839693Z
They shouldn't have raped someone in he first place.

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