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AlexisBaylie says2016-10-07T02:04:18.1196846Z
For one to say religion should not be taught because "religion is stupid" is very ignorant. A non biased taught class on world religions would be nothing but beneficiary to todays youth. Knowledge is power.
simmons555 says2016-10-08T08:33:48.6553169Z
The better we understand each other, the better we can get along.
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-26T00:40:22.6127002Z
If schools teach Evolution, they should also teach Biblical Creationism. Both Evolution and Creationism require faith and neither can be proven. Why do they teach evolution as if it some superior form of thinking when humans coming from apes requires as much or even more faith than believing in an intelligent Creator creating intelligent beings.
Peter-The-Great says2016-11-11T08:17:33.3983537Z
Evolution have been proven long time ago (http://evolutionfaq.Com/articles/five-proofs-evolution). In the same time Creationism does not even make sence. The same time Creationism have no proof.

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