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  • No

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40% 4 votes
  • That way others in that same religion will think twice before making assumptions like thinking that acts of violence would be justified by their religious teachings

  • Who decides what is extreme? More to the point, the excommunication you speak, so far as I know only exists the catholic faith. Perhaps other religions practice this, but I don't see how this could be accomplished in most protestant religions. The word excommunication means putting a specific individual or group out of communion. Who would have the authority to excommunicate a southern baptist? The whole concept in my opinion is a fundamental or extreme view of religion

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Seido says2014-05-15T17:54:25.4759888-05:00
The idea has good intentions, but I don't think it would really work. I mean sure, they could (and likely should) excommunicate them as to separate the moderately religious from the extremists in the public eye, but it likely wouldn't stop extremists from doing anything. Extremists would likely just dismiss the excommunication as being faulty. They'd say that their leader was corrupt, or wasn't following the true word of god. You can't reason with extremists, or the religious in general, in regard to their beliefs. They believe something, and reason usually can't get through to them because their beliefs are predicated on anything. They're beliefs that they usually aren't willing to change, and nothing more than that.
SemperVI says2014-05-16T15:43:09.9797056-05:00
I don't see how this action implies good intentions. What "good" is it servicing. To me it seems to be not so much what its serving as much as who it is serving and to what end. Let us be reasonable people for a moment and remove the relative nature of extremism as it pertains to groups and sub groups. If we don't, one can justify religion in and of it self is an extreme position to a group of people who don't believe in God. Let us instead ask the same question using a political analogy. Should political parties remove extremists from the political process as to separate the mainstream from the extremist in the public eye. If this actually happened, would the extremist be justified in saying "that their leader was corrupt, or wasn't following the true spirit of a democracy". At the end of the day, in both cases we are talking about an individual's belief - right, wrong or indifferent. These ideas of separating "Us" from "Them" is the same venom that religious inquisitions and political holocaust' are made of. There will always be decent in the ranks, it is what makes individual experiences unique. Perhaps I am old fashioned, I just still believe it is a virtue to respectfully disagree and not allow your emotions to cloud subjective reason

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