Should religous symbols be banned in public places?

Posted by: UnrealInstinct8

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Stormy_Allard says2015-11-17T03:35:10.9987273Z
For me, all or nothing. The First Amendment says that we cannot prohibit the exercise of the religion, it says nothing about the symbols. We can deny the symbols unless all of them are there or have none at all. If you are Jewish and you go to the store or a public park and there are only crosses hanging up or only stars and crescents, you could be extremely offended. I would be and I'm agnostic atheist! (And before anyone says a damn thing, google it!!!!) Again, All or nothing.
mclower says2017-10-19T20:33:13.4582618Z
Just saying, everyone gets offended by such stupid things. Get over yourself. I'm fairly sure I just offended someone reading this. GET OVER IT AND GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.
mclower says2017-10-19T20:35:39.3659971Z
But if you want to take the "extremely offended" route I have a question. What about all the religious people who would be offended by the ban?
mclower says2017-10-19T20:36:47.9908370Z
If you were to take that route it would be like me saying that atheism offends me, therefore it should be banned.

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