Should rubber bullets be allowed to be used against rioters?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

  • Yes they should be allowed

  • No they should not be allowed

89% 17 votes
11% 2 votes
  • Rioters can cause severe injury and death to innocents. They can seriously harm innocents who have nothing to do with the riot. They destroy the very infrastructure itself and destroy lives. These people deserve no mercy if they threaten innocents like this... Especially when most do it merely for the sake of violence.

  • Anything can be used as a weapon. Any weapon can be abused. We need to trust those that protect us to use the appropriate tools in an appropriate manner under the appropriate circumstances. If we disarm them, they can not do their jobs.

  • Of course they should be! Especially after this recent stupidity that came after the michael brown incident, officers need a quick use of force that will subdue assailants. They need a gun outfitted with rubber ammo and have clips of live ammo for safety. Anything for our policemen to do their job without the whole damn country erupting. I support officer Wilson

    Posted by: BosMan
  • Agreeing with another yes voter, the police and anti-riot squad should be equipped with lots of rubber bullets and a couple of magazines full of real rounds for backup. People nowadays act very stupid and idiotic, and the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri just proves that police need to be ready with bullets that will drop a rioter without killing them.

  • Some of those people in Ferguson must have been pretty spoiled as children, I say, a little discipline never hurt. Show them that we will not tolerate their hypocrisy and that there is no room in this world for blind stupidity.

  • Officers need to defend themselves from the looters and arsonists.

  • But only if things get REALLY out of hand.

  • Rubber can still be lethal but if they aren't in on the riot just trying to escape the bullets will act as a deterent

  • Only when they refuse to cooperate and pose a significant risk. A government should restrain from assaulting its own citizens at all costs really.

  • I agree real weapons should be used we should retaliate to any threats with unnecessary violence and excessive destruction.

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PetersSmith says2014-11-25T11:21:18.4418345-06:00
No, we should use real bullets instead. That'll teach 'em...And severely injure them if not kill them.
atheist-eo says2014-11-25T12:13:29.9768074-06:00
Or kill you

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