Should sales tax be put on price tags in America?

Posted by: AOCPS

It's quite annoying that the sales tax isn't put on the original price tag because many people that use cash simply don't know how much to bring.

  • Sales tax should be included with the original price tag.

  • Sales tax shouldn't be included with the original price tag. Almost all people use credit cards anyways.

85% 17 votes
15% 3 votes
  • They do this online with shipping, why not with sales tax?

  • It is part of the price.

  • As usual America has it assumes backwards. Nearly every other country just includes all applicable tax in the price. So much simpler.

  • People should know if the sales tax makes it too expensive before reaching the counter.

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notTheRealKevin says2016-10-28T17:45:26.1595813Z
I find that it is a nice reminder of how much I am paying the government for every "free program" they offer.

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