Should salt be banned in school cafeterias?

Posted by: DerpyMuffinz123

Salt needs to be put back in school cafeterias

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Salt rocks

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Most schools have recently banned salt from the cafeterias. Salt is not only a condiment. It is a delicate seasoning specially made for the greatest of foods. Salt is also a way to preserve meats and other various foods. Salt has also been stated in the bible almost 31 times. Schools aren’t just taking away a beloved condiment; they are taking away a religion.

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Salt is very unhealhy and should be taken out of cafeterias

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Im neutral

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-15T10:48:15.0595504-05:00
I disagree with #1 because of the religion thing, #2 because salt should only be used in very small quantites, and #3 because it's not 'very unhealthy', although I think its use in cafeterias should be reduced greatly.
HeavyReader says2014-05-15T14:29:07.8751466-05:00
Oh my god lol. "YOU TAKE AWAY MY SALT YOU TAKE AWAY MY RELIGION!" I can see this in a protest.
schachdame says2014-05-15T16:43:04.9556412-05:00
Again, I am ironically pleased to see another topic being clearly influenced into a certain direction with the content of religion. I critique the time that was unevenly spent on writing down some of the different options. Religion and Schools are a difficult combination. Schools and food are. I am pretty sure this is the ridiculously unexpected holy grail of problematic school topics. I am not going to vote. I am not neutral but I openly want to critique the whole question. It's neither necessary nor suitable.
Proudlibertarian says2014-06-05T22:42:41.5699462-05:00
Salt is in everything, even milk, it would be expensive and unreasonable to ban it.

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