Should schools be able to teach religion classes?

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Ozymandias_King_of_Kings says2013-09-12T11:17:33.8937382-05:00
As long as the classes are not mandatory and they are secular studies of religion, then I see no reason why a religion class would not be acceptable. An irreligion class would be cool.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-12T13:47:19.1340272-05:00
Some larger high schools in the US offer an elective course in comparative religions. Public schools simply cannot require such a class nor endorse any religion.
mikaylamarcel says2013-09-13T09:59:55.4145140-05:00
If you're going to teach about one religion you have to teach about them all, it seems like keeping up with learning about all of the religions would be a bit difficult but I don't see why it couldn't be done.
jerryBioss says2013-09-17T21:18:16.5769455-05:00
What is religion to begin with?
Rafe says2013-09-19T07:17:26.9159029-05:00
If schools want to teach about religion, then so be it. Nobody will be harmed. This is not schools requiring children to try dangerous drugs or forcing them to fight tigers every week. It is more knowledge for them, and knowledge is good. Even more if it is religious knowledge, as it will help end this ignorance about what a religion is, ending the irrational fear of religions that is rampant today.
Kitkat11873 says2014-07-17T01:45:50.0699721-05:00
As long as the classes are not required then that's fine

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