Should schools have homework

Posted by: creepermf

Poll closed on 5/30/2015 at 1:11AM.
  • Who needs homework?

  • Homework is good for society and nag nag nag

29% 6 votes
71% 15 votes
  • They could just make school an hour longer, so kids could "practice their skills" without the stress and aggravation that comes with large loads of homework. Not to mention, the kids could also get help from their teacher during this time instead of randomly guessing on questions they don't know.

  • Really, few people do NEED homework. The only reason it should exist is as a time extension on assignments that are already given enough time to complete in class (for those students who work slower or are goofing around). Curriculum is massive but there should be enough time to teach all of it in school without needing to assign homework. Save after school for anything but school.

  • Kids need to be free because it is what our forefathers fought for. Kids are tied indoors because of the hours of homework teachers give them! It also causes maximum stress and headaches, complicates sleep patterns and much more stress that children should not have to deal with!

  • Homework is necessary to practice your skills, or else prepare to face an exponential increase in academic failures.

  • Homework helps students learn idependently

    Posted by: dcn
  • Agree with dcn. Homework is a must. Some assignments should be designed specifically to be done in a home environment to expose students to the experience of performing work and meeting guidelines at their discretion. It gives them room to take responsibility, create their own timetable to get things done, and use their own resources to complete objectives.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-13T13:56:20.6502607-05:00
Doing everything entirely by the numbers in a classroom setting is not adequate when teaching someone to be an independent thinker.
BabyLuvr666 says2016-01-15T23:23:21.7999078Z
I would like to rephrase my last comment, it said does anybody like babies, I wanted to ask if anybody likes to eat babies.
clay.moore says2017-03-24T16:31:18.4020018Z
Dcn. If the students do it independently and don't know how to do it correctly they will memorize the way their doing it and get it wrong in class and on the test.

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