• Yes

  • No way!

59% 17 votes
41% 12 votes
  • Quality is more important than quantity.so if you want shorter time,you need to have quality

  • I second the notion above.

  • oh my. no one looks at the fact that teens (especially ones with add) have short attention spands. half way through the day we are GONE. having these long hours kill my desire to learn and make me feel like im in a prison

  • We already have so much homework that takes up hours, we should either have less homework or less hours.

  • ur face

    Posted by: cow777
  • They should be longer and less holidays.

  • Means more days stuck in the classroom.

  • You need quality of lessons which comes with more time per session rather than quantity of lessons which only delve into shallow discussions and teachings.

    Posted by: Range
  • Students shouldn't be complaining about how many hours of school they have. They have one too many off days, maybe even snow days and such. I think two days a week off is plenty, making hours shorter is unnecessary and doesn't benefit anyone. Especially since each generation is lazier than the one before and with a shorter attention span.

  • It would be useless if schools would have shorter time to learn things. School is the most important thing in life, that means we have to learn everything that we need in this period.

    Posted by: java
  • Length is unimportant. It how effective you are during the time frame. They shouldn't be shortened bu instead be online so uneven progression allows for more free time and more effective work time.

    Posted by: Letrus
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Logical_One says2015-01-19T15:57:26.5961942-06:00
I love these polls going around. We have a school should have shorter hours which is in favor at the moment, we have a there should be no homework which is in favor at the moment, and we have a college should be free which is in favor at the moment. Why on earth would anyone want their tax dollars going to pay for college for people that don't want to be at school, dont want to learn anything at home, and don't want to pay their own way?

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