Should schools teach creationism or evolution?

Should state-funded public schools teach creationism, evolution, or both?

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ginga_ninja says2013-10-22T20:44:42.3134792-05:00
barrelracer1331 says2013-11-01T14:04:58.8582672-05:00
Barrelracer1331 saysNovember 1 2013 02:46 PMReport Post One should strongly believe that creation is real and should be taught. Look around. Do you see what God has maid? I do. Do you think that the earth, which would dry up if just a tiny bit closer to the sun, popped into existence? The amazing people and animals just exploded from a speck. If we were apes then why does one still see apes today? How come they have not died off? If apes turned into people then women would give birth to apes or there would not be any more apes. That is common sense. If our lovely nation that was founded on God teaches these things then we really are not one nation under God like we were suppost to be. It is not right for schools to teach Evolution because it is unGodly. If one studies the bee then he or she would clearly see that it uses dances (yes dances) to cummunicate with other bees. This could not have popped out of a speck! The wood pecker has a shock absorber in its' mouth. If it did not have that then its' beak would not work. Thus, it would starve to death. The antilope also is very unique. It has a specially designed cooling system. This animal runs so very fast that if it did not have this system it would also die. All of these wonderful creations clearly could not have popped into existence evidence is everywhere. The human hand even has evidence in it. No wrinkles or lines on the hand are a like with any other hand. Our creator made everyone's hand different in a unique way. Thus, he created our amazing world with his own voice and unique hands.
barrelracer1331 says2013-11-01T14:05:31.6041965-05:00
God made our world!
jocelyn.niedzwiecki says2013-11-15T08:11:40.9023413-06:00
We have scientific proof that evolution occurred. Religion is just a belief system told to make people believe that there is more to this world than just a simple life. I pity those with this belief system for you feel you owe your life to a fairytale character. Schools are supposed to teach about real historical facts that actually occurred in the past time. Evolution should absolutely be taught because it at least explains that you can still believe what you wish, but this is the cold hard truth of what happened in this world. We have fossils of human skeletons that prove how our jawlines, posture, and even skull shape has evolved. The reason that animals, pants and the human race is so advanced is because we EVOLVED. If you can show real proof that one make believe figure created this world, I will believe you, if not, then you stand corrected.

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