Should scools have more or less cameras and why?

Posted by: carlos19

  • More.

  • Less.

67% 12 votes
33% 6 votes
  • Its a public space, so no reason not to. I think Schools should have cameras though.

  • Why not invest a few more bucks into security? It is a public space and it adds an additional deterrent for people to cause trouble in that area. If you are going to cause a crime and not want to get caught, obviously your going to do it while not on camera.

    Posted by: AdamKG
  • In public schools but not private

  • Mostly, my school doesn't watch the footage anyway. I believe it adds extra costs to schools.

  • No. Why make our children feel like prisoners? The overlords don't need to know every time I walk into the bathroom. Bad kids will find a way around them, and good kids with just feel uncomfortable.

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AgnosticRadar says2014-05-06T14:01:21.3235338-05:00
I go to SCHOOL not SCOOL.
AdamKG says2014-05-06T14:41:00.4002491-05:00
@AgnosticRadar Good point, so do I. @carlos19 Go to school! Also, I don't know why you would ever vote to reduce the amount of security in a school. Security cameras don't cost that much and compare that to the value of the children I REALLY think it is no big deal.
SweetTea says2014-05-06T15:06:11.4175338-05:00
What is a scool?

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