Should Scotland Become Independent From the United Kingdom?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

  • Yes, Scotland should be independent

  • No, Scotland should NOT be independent

61% 17 votes
39% 11 votes
  • Aye or die!

  • If the UK leaves the EU they should become their own nation

    Posted by: Kylar
  • Every country should be independent of every other country... it's called sovereignty, and without it, you have foreign rulers who don't care about you leading and exploiting you.

  • Yes! We need to be separate from England as it is the world's only evil nation, although I'll still be happy to watch their TV shows. There are so many great reasons to be independent and they can all be discovered on the internet. For example, I learned all about the economic benefits from memes on Facebook. It's amazing how many political experts were sitting there on my own friends list! We have our own language with words like "tae" and "naw". It fills us with so much Scottish pride that we even type like this. It's just natural and not at all forced! I support all of the other places which also wish to be independent, like Catalonia and Cornwall. Independence for everyone! If you want your town, post code or even your own family to be an independent nation, then you have my support!

  • Why? Scotland has always been part of the UK. This is just like what happened in Canada, when Quebec wanted to be separate from it. Scotland should NOT be independent. I think it will not turn out good.

  • scotland cant hold its own without UK

  • We need each other! Protect the union! Protect what makes Great Britain Great!

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