Should sexual attraction toward elderly be included as mental disorder ?

Posted by: stephannoi

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Sexual attraction toward elderly is not a mental disorder,it's normal.Since they are consenting adults.

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Some elderly are no longer able to consent.Some of them have dementia problem and cannot consent.So sexual attraction toward elderly is a mental disorder.

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stephannoi says2015-12-25T04:08:51.2710363Z
Most of post menopause woman will sustain some injury after sexual intercourse so they cannot fully exercise their consent even if they are adult.So it's rape to have sex with them.
ghostrecon says2015-12-25T04:16:25.9261795Z
It's just depending on the age once you're getting much older or younger ,your mental capacity aren't fully functional.Young child are unable to consent because their brain are not developed as so do older elderly cannot consent because their brain decrease in ability to make decision,memory,comprehension and so do etc...)
PhiteWower says2016-01-05T23:31:18.6231256Z
Should sexual attraction towards animals be included as a mental disorder?

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