Should smoking be allowed in all countries

Posted by: jennarox

Smoking causes many health issues and causes early death

Poll closed on 2/28/2016 at 12:00AM.
  • Should smoking be allowed

  • Should smoking be banned from all countries

46% 6 votes
54% 7 votes
  • No reason to limit what people do as long as they do not harm others.

  • We already have smoking restrictions nearly everywhere. If people get sick from doing it, so be it. But you shouldn't take away a freedom just because 'it's bad for you', etc. Sometimes, smoking clears the mind. Sometimes, people only smoke once a year. Smoking is a kind of thing that may be bad, but is everywhere, like GMO foods. Why should we take away a little right that people have? And besides, other countries such as Cuba and Central America where smoking is popular will be furious if it's banned in their countries. Who are we to tell them they can't smoke? Who are we to tell them to abandon their cultural? We have no stance on this issue, but we can control it with regulations. We just can't ban it all together.

  • People would just find other ways to get tobacco, even illegally. So why not just let them make their own choices?

    Posted by: Kaiyo

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TBR says2016-02-26T15:46:39.0529433Z
You need to work on the answers in polls. The answers should be "Smoking should be allowed" vs "Smoking should be banned"
Mj776 says2016-02-27T21:55:26.1894728Z
Smoking may not seem like a big deal but it is here are just a few things that it can cause: head or neck related cancers, lung cancer, leukemia, stomach related cancers, pancreas and kidney related cancers, colon related cancers, blatter related cancers, cervix cancers, strokes, blindness, gum infections, aortic rupture, heart disease, pneumonia, hardening of the arteries, chronic lung disease and athsma, reduced fertility, hip fracture and many more. If you compare a smokers lungs to a non smokers lungs you wouldn't even be able to realize that the smokers lungs are actually lungs. So many people under look what they are actually doing. And it does more than make people sick, it can basically be considered as a very small murderer. It's harming people in every single time you take a very small breath it has been recorded to kill on someone's very first time. Some of you people are complete idiots to accept such a thing. Maybe you should study a little more.

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