• Yes!

  • No!

43% 10 votes
57% 13 votes
  • If an inmate breaks a prison's rules, they should be punished.

  • Everybody needs to stop trying to make life better for criminals in prison. If we want criminals to stop breaking the law we need them to fear ever going back to prison when they get out. Conditions should be worse for criminals who commit worse crimes. Criminals who refuse to change on their own in prison must be forced to change or leave society forever. For both the safety of the guards and non violent prisoners, and the safety of citizens on the outside. As for serial killers in Supermax prisons, no punishment is to cruel. They should be glad solitary is as bad as it gets.

  • If inmates misbehave, they need to be disciplined.

  • Whilst you may think it's a cruel punishment, please keep in mind that it's very appropriate for a lot of the situations that put them in this situation. Especially when it comes to them misbehaving and putting other inmates health or lives at risk. There could be some situations that don't quite warrant it where it does happen, but that doesn't mean it should be completely abolished.

  • simply put, if this punishment is removed from prison then the institution becomes a daycare for naughty adults.

  • Not entirely. Though it does go against the tenth article (i believe) of the bill of rights, it is needed in many cases. I do also believe, however, that it should not EVER exceed 2 or 3 days. It can really pack a punch like an atomic bomb if it ever exceeds that. Insanity is not needed for a lesson to be taught.

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mookow says2016-03-10T20:33:36.1336048Z
They are in prison for braking rules they are in solitary confinement for breaking more rules if they keep braking rules in prison without punishment then they are not learning
BrendanD19 says2016-03-10T21:49:54.5953927Z
So if putting them in prison isn't making them behave the only way to make them behave is to put them in prison within a prison?
snkcake666 says2016-03-11T17:30:36.9409095Z
People are so concerned about an eye for an eye, that they would rather live off that principle than to fix the heart of the problem.
Danimal4NU says2016-04-19T03:37:52.7744142Z
Of course you need solitary. It gets the violent prisoners out of the general population, creating a safer environment for prisoner and guard alike. It is also about the only deterrant there is for the hard cases. They don't care if they threaten them with more time. They do care if you throw them in solitary. Of course the prisons should be working on rehabilitating inmates and working on getting to the core of inmate issues but you have to have a form of punishment. When you mess-up outside you go to prison, when you mess-up inside you go to solitary.

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