Should sperm/egg donors be held liable for child support?

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Capitalistslave says2016-12-12T00:35:17.7079826Z
I don't think anyone will legitimately vote yes
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-12-12T03:05:48.9334747Z
*Duplicate of my vote, to provide easier viewing medium and provide additional source of info for those that bypass the vote comments* Please take the time to read this entire post. Yes, the seed / egg donor can and is held legally liable for support in all fashions including back owed support in accordance with the given poll facts. This is backed by numerous case laws of varying circumstance: pre and post conception private verbal / written contracts, overturning of family court decisions, et al. For evidence, I cite the following: *All case law cited within the following citations shall be considered et al and viewed as included fact and evidence* 1) Ferguson v. McKiernan : Supreme Court of PA (2007) http://caselaw.Findlaw.Com/pa-supreme-court/1033446.Html 2) Kesler v. Weniger : Superior Court of PA (200) http://www.Leagle.Com/decision/20001538744A2d794_11503/KESLER%20v.%20WENIGER In summation of all available case law, it is the litigated and held opinion of the court that no party, including parent, may deny the child their right to all necessary forms of support including financial, provided for by their parents. The only exception to this rule of law is in the case of completely anonymous sperm / egg donations made within an appropriately recognized and regulated medical center for such donations. Any and all other medical establishments including clinics are not able to provide the appropriate, and legally binding exceptions and protections for the donor(s).
Anonymous says2016-12-13T17:32:29.9124276Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont So your agreeing with no? The last two sentences admitted it.
Anonymous says2016-12-13T17:37:11.4318322Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont Also, the first link doesn't work and the Kesler v. Weniger case was off topic because it stated "They began a sexual relationship 15 years before, while both were married to others". I'm not going to argue about the case, that's not what this poll was asking about.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-12-13T18:26:52.3457405Z
@DrKaboom44 -- No, my explanation clearly aligns with a "Yes" vote. As stated in my first comment: "[...] in accordance with the given poll facts." The poll question does not state a specific method of donation, no personal familiarity guidelines provided, or criteria of any sort. The only 2 facts provided are: 1) There are 1-2 donors and 2) We need to determine if one of the donors is liable for child support. || For these reasons, I provided the only two possible scenarios recognized by law: First scenario assumes a level of personal familiarity between the two parties and knowledge that they are each contributing to the conception of a child. Second scenario assumes fully anonymous egg and/or sperm donation which, by law, requires the donors and recipients not be identified to each other. In providing this full anonymity, the law also provides donors and recipients with a fully binding, non-negotiable, waiver of liability, relieving donors of any and all child support responsibilities from that point forth. || Do you understand the distinction between the two scenarios?
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-12-13T18:45:49.3278288Z
@DrKaboom44 -- The link works just fine. This website just changes the suffix ".Html" to ".Html" Just change the H to lowercase and it will pop right up for you. || Look, I provided the case law to you. Case law, in case you don't know, is the judges direct report of the court case, the facts and evidence introduced by both parties, how the presiding judge ruled, and the reasons for his decision in his own words and citing other case law where required. || The case law here, and within previous case law regarding other parties which were cited for legal precedent, show that the 15 year relations has absolutely no bearing on the courts ruling. But hey, if you want to refuse to read my evidence, and refuse to read what the law actually is right now, and why the law is the way it is....And instead, you just wanna hide under your blankets telling yourself that your feelings, your opinions and your beliefs are all that matter to the universe...That's your choice, go for it. But if that's how you wish to respond to things you don't agree with, by ignoring the law completely, and by putting words in my mouth....Why even address me? Just stay hidden under your blankets.

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