Should standing during the national anthem be mandatory?

Posted by: dreadedghost13

Do you think it should be required for people to stand during the national anthem?

  • YES

  • NO

30% 13 votes
70% 31 votes
  • The anthem is a symbol of respect and honor to our country and especially to the veterans and current soldiers who are laying down their lives to protect our freedoms and rights. Those who disrespect the anthem, in my opinion, are disrespecting our country and those who serve and have served to protect our freedoms. These anthem-boycotters do not deserve the freedoms that are given to citizens of this country and furthermore I believe that people who disrespect the anthem have no place in this country.

  • Requiring people to stand at attention and saluting is something that only occurs under dictatorships. Those pictures of Nazis saluting Hitler, while a lot chose to do that, a lot of them were also forced to salute or face consequences. In the private sector, you can do as you please, but no one should be forced against their first amendment right to stand for the national anthem.

  • If by mandatory you mean force them to stand or else, no. They have the right to to take a knee if wish. Just because they can, doesn't mean that they should. I personally disagree with the take a knee movement, but I do believe that the players have a right to express their "speech" freely. I also think the coaches of the teams reserve the right to set their own rules for their teams, and boot players off the team for this reason. In summation, its stupid not stand for the national anthem, but everyone has the right to express their ideas. #StandUp

  • The way I see it, there are a lot of brave men and women who gave all so that I have the freedoms and prosperity that I enjoy today. If they can spend hours or even days in miserable conditions, hunkered down in a situation that could cost them their life, in order to make this world a better place to live in, then the absolute least I could do is stand at attention for just 2 minutes to show my respect. We should do so much more than that though. Which is why I will ALWAYS stand for the National Anthem. But having said that, a person should not be forced to do so. That would be the complete opposite of the freedoms that those people fought and died for. Now if you are working for a company and that company is paying you and they make it a rule that you should do so as a condition of your employment, then you should do it or find another job. So each NFL franchise can make it a policy that you stand for the National Anthem and if you refuse to do so, they have the right to fire you and find someone else. But if they do not make it a condition of your employment, then you can sit, kneel or whatever you want to do.

  • People shouldn't be forced too. America has freedom and if a jerk doesn't like it even though millions died for the freedom just let him be a jerk! Don't make a huge deal out of it! Disrespectful actions aren't illegal actions!

  • This is the exact reason for the first amendment of the constitution. If we take away the right to kneel for the national anthem, we are in the beginning stages of democracy falling, and the drift into dictatorship/Authoritarian. I always thought kneeling was a sign of respect. In some religions, kneeling is a sign of respect.

  • free to do what you want or believe

  • Forcing people to stand during national anthems is something totalitarian governments do.

  • That is literally barring someone's freedom.

  • No. But I do consider it impolite and disrespectful.

  • We should be allowed to stand or not. Being forced is something dictatorships do

  • Yes, standing is a sign of respect, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. This is a free country, after all.

  • You cannot be physically forced to stand, But I have no problem if an organization wants to penalize those within their charge for not standing.

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missmedic says2017-09-30T15:31:18.2461220Z
"The anthem is a symbol of respect and honor to our country and especially to the veterans and current soldiers who are laying down their lives to protect our freedoms and rights." And one of those right is the freedom of speech. Or as Evelyn Beatrice Hall said “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
kiwimango says2017-10-05T21:14:58.0223782Z
If you think people should have to stand during the anthem, then you need to take a good, long look at the first amendment! Taking away peoples freedom of speech is never okay. Nealing during the anthem is respecting the best thing about america, our freedom of speech. I neal, and I will every. Single. Time.
feather45 says2017-10-16T18:03:11.4886909Z
I think we do need columbus day.

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