Should State Colleges be free to attend in America?

Posted by: chelz4257

Poll closed on 7/23/2014 at 12:00PM.
  • College should be free for all.

  • College should not be free.

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • Yes, yes they should be. Education is not only good for individuals, but it is NEEDED for the advancement of a society. Investing money in peoples' educations allows them to contribute more to the society in which they live. It might cost a lot up front, but in the long run, it'll help grow the size of our economy, introduce us to new technologies, and will create a better society in general. Put simply, a better educated society equals a better society overall.

    Posted by: Seido
  • I am for tuition free community college up to Associates degree. Full tuition's are unrealistic. The Derg was founded by young college students wanting to revolutionize the education system. We can do the same.

  • Because in today's society people are so stupid- Especially with American History

  • The current system has made a college education a necessity to have a chance at a job that can support a family; it therefore is not a luxury. State schools, at least, should be free in order to provide a necessity for a quality life in America.

    Posted by: steeve
  • Yes, they need to make colleges tuition free because America NEEDS education. Throughout the years the American generations haves gotten stupider and stupider than other countries. And if america wants to contribute to the advances of technology and other things the people need education or we will not be moving forward. Free tuition is also essential because these days a person cannot get a decent job without a college education.

  • So many more people could earn a degree and better their lives if education beyond high school was free.

    Posted by: Jelera
  • Not for all, but for good students.

  • Some students cannot go to university because they have financial problems. We should give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

    Posted by: Linshi
  • College is not job training, but rather, a luxury. Luxuries should cost a great deal of money. Why should society pay for an individuals intellectual curiosities and academic self-indulgences.

  • No. Not unless they were completely ran by unpaid volunteers. Not paying people for their labor is slavery. If they were not unpaid volunteers or slaves, it would not be free.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-10T01:06:27.4561810-05:00
That pun was so bad .
Formerland1 says2014-07-10T01:08:21.2269810-05:00
Collage should be cheaper , univercity however ( you know the difference I hope ) Should be paid in full or paid with by scholarship
Astal3 says2014-07-10T02:47:55.0195143-05:00
Anymore employers expect you to have a college degree like its your highschool diploma. And unlike highschool diplomas you often don't get them for free. I believe college should be free up to and associates and then people can apply for scholarships or pay for a higher degree
stevia333 says2014-07-10T07:06:27.6365806-05:00
Hell yeah I voted yes!!! Education is a right and so with that said this is like charging people to be smart. Should we actually penalize raising intelligence? I don't think so as the world markets require these days for people to have quantitative (STEM) and creative abilities. This country needs both, mainly more STEM, but with the current rate of ideas. We have relied on our creative innovation but now we need to a way to prevent others from copying our methods at a 50% or more discount. Also this system of charging people to be educated is unfair to the everyday person as wages aren't able to keep up with rising tuitions. It only benefits the 1% to keep this educational system as is. Reason being the less educated you are, the more vulnerable you are to logical fallacies and are more easily manipulated you are as all you have really is emotion to work with. Also as a citizen of Cook County IL (Chicago's county) in the United States, home of the crooks and vast inequalities I am hyper aware that not everybody gets the same education. Seriously we have new trier high school that spends $18000+ on each student and CPS spends just over $10,000 per student. The main reason why is because in Illinois and maybe I wrong but maybe other states too, the money for schools is based on property taxes for each schools district. This creates vastly different school districts within the same county only maybe 30 miles/minutes apart. So while most of the educational deficits are based on K-12 schooling (kindergarten through High School) college only emphasizes these differences, which is unfortunate because college is very much needed in today’s market as the economy is globalizing and we have so much more competition now that actually have college educations. So I would honestly suggest these ingredients to an educational overhaul 1. Have all public education funds split amongst all the students equally, with individualized education plans also factored in as well. 2. Ban private schools unless it's tutoring or homeschooling. 3. Have forgiveness for federal student loans not paid off for students attending non-free public colleges. 4. Colleges need money so they should have to raise it via federal taxes, which we in the US can easily do if the government had the balls to reduce the defense budget (google it if you don't believe that the military-industrial complex exists) 5. Get rid of or at least modify no child left behind. It has been a disaster, as it is currently written and implemented the standardized tests are basically English dominant and also non-holistic 6. Make all colleges free or at least voucher based, again restrictions on economic discrimination at private universities. LINKS: AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL INEQUALITY http://blogs.Edweek.Org/edweek/eduwonkette/2008/09/the_chicago_boycott_publicity_1.Html http://www.Chicagoreader.Com/chicago/cook-county-schools-racial-diversity-and-segregation/Content?Oid=7669705 http://www.Theguardian.Com/commentisfree/2013/oct/09/americans-dumb-oecd-study-test-scores EDUCATIONAL BUBBLES http://www.Ted.Com/conversations/10981/higher_or_vocational_education.Html http://www.Ted.Com/conversations/18772/student_loans.Html FEDERAL BUDGET http://useconomy.About.Com/od/usfederalbudget/p/military_budget.Htm NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND http://www.Nea.Org/home/1213.Htm
dmussi12 says2014-07-10T08:31:03.6129693-05:00
We don't need more than 2/3 of the population with some kind of higher training (trade school, community college) and 1/4 with university training. The more people pursue a degree, the lower the value of that degree. Also, tuition to universities isn't even as expensive as most imagine. One study showed that the net price for a four-year university is only $12000/year, meaning $8000/year is paid with aid (grants, etc.). For a two year college, the average paid is less than $6000/year. Https://trends.Collegeboard.Org/college-pricing/figures-tables/average-net-price-full-time-students-over-time-public-institutions
CrazyCailan says2017-01-27T20:56:51.4674997Z
Yes. Period.
Heterodox says2017-01-28T21:39:31.0566642Z
@CrazyCailan, Why bring back slavery?

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