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Yes because they should know it is a game.

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No because it messes with there mind.

They think it is all right in the real world.
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Yes becaucse they should know it is just a videogame.

I meant to add violent
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FNAF says2014-12-19T10:10:24.0948824-06:00
Please leave other reasons. Thanks!
Kreakin says2014-12-19T10:10:39.4633751-06:00
Are you forgetting about the age rating system? The answer is yes, if they are old enough.
Vox_Veritas says2014-12-19T10:19:45.1552701-06:00
You are aware that minors are not allowed to purchase gratuitously bloody and gory video games, right?
FNAF says2014-12-19T10:38:40.9136655-06:00
I meant to add in violent videogames.
FNAF says2014-12-19T10:44:03.0942696-06:00
The answer is yes Vox_Veritas
Zylorarchy says2014-12-19T11:34:45.2385657-06:00
Really depends on the age rating...
barahonaao says2016-02-10T18:47:20.9970769Z
If younger ones buy gruesome video games it could make them think bad thoughts like killing family members friends and it was all because of them inspired by that violent video games

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