Should student under age 10 have their own mobile phone?

Posted by: debate_orange

  • Yes

  • No

40% 10 votes
60% 15 votes
  • I think they can have their own choice.

  • I think to a certian degree with developmentally apporaite limits technology especially with ealry exposure is good for a child in the context of developmentally apporaite limits

  • They should be able to do all the things adults can do so they become more knowledgeable and intelligent. Becoming a phone addict is not the product of what age when someone gets their phone, but It is the amount of other task they are able to do.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • For emergency situations then yes they should. It wouldn't have to be an expensive phone like I have a flip phone which is almost impossible to break and cheap. Like it has fallen out of my pocket during horseback riding and got covered in mud and still was fine, Dropped it on concrete, Dad threw it across the room. A kid would be able to handle a phone like this and not break it while it not being so expensive. They also wouldn't be able to be irresponsible since they can't even download apps so they would stay safe from online situations too.

  • I am 18 and I don't have a mobile phone yet.

  • It is wrong for such a little kid to have their own mobile phone for them self, because though they have their own phone they wouldn't know how to handle it and could break it. Also, literally no one their age that could have a mobile phone so it would be a waste of money! Lastly, phone lines at ages <10 could result in people thinking them as a spoiled brat, resulting in no friends.

  • No way i was 11 when i got my phone and i still have it now. Recently i was at a hotel and my younger siblings friend who was 6 had an iphone 5c and i thought since it was not like she had no parents at home with her ( she has a stay at home mom) but every one has their own opinion and maybe an emergency phone that can just call home or 911

  • The only reason I have a phone is that I go to school on the other side of my city and my parents want me to stay connected to them. I don't even use it often!

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AATexas says2015-04-21T20:25:29.6194719-05:00
Yes. It's common technology in today's world. There's no reason why kids should be excluded from using technology. Not to mention mobile phones are good tools for parents to monitor where their kids are and to reach them in case of an emergency.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T20:28:00.2072372-05:00
10 year olds really don't use phones as a force of good.

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