Should students be able to use cell phones in school?

Posted by: jyotipatel


  • Yes

  • No!

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • In hallways, during recess/study hall, and in classrooms while they're working on their assignments- not while the teacher is giving a lesson.

  • Yes , during lessons sometimes too. My school likes to integrate modern technology into the classes . Alot if apps that regard education are available and solves the big problem in classes that regard opinions , you can submit anonymously . You can take tests and other things on your phone. ( doing on the phone tricks the students that don't like tests into actually trying ).

  • Otherwise school wouldn't be any fun :3

    Posted by: Sashil
  • Yes, how else will students be able to learn about the totally cute dress Chelsea got for the prom?

  • Too distracting.

  • I've seen first hand that if you give them any cell phone privileges, it will be abused to the end of hell so no, not at all.

  • Well no.I think if cell phones were allowed to school ,students would have been too distracted and would not be able to pay attention during lectures. It would disturbing!!

    Posted by: Kin21
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