Should students be allowed to insult Special Ed kids if they bully the student?

Posted by: Obention

My MS has a Special Ed program. The kids in it practically bully the students but if we try to stand up to it, we get in trouble.

  • Yes

  • Not necessary

21% 3 votes
79% 11 votes
  • What moron fights bullying with more bullying?

  • The idea of "eye for an eye" is somewhat outdated. I don't think it would apply well to this situation. The student should be mature enough to not respond back; that could possibly make things work.

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Cin says2014-05-25T01:50:05.9951281-05:00
I say no, they don't know what they're saying. Even if you think they do, they really don't have an understanding of it. They learn it from school and because all the "cool" kids bully people they think it's ok because they see it being done a lot.
SweetTea says2014-05-25T03:40:15.7988628-05:00
Bullying should not be tolerated, no matter who does it. However, when you respond to bullying with insults, you too are bullying. That isn't the way to solve the problem.
madness says2014-05-25T06:18:33.8616163-05:00
Just slap it, and say "DOWN BOY !" IF it snarls, then you must assert your dominance, by mounting it and holding its head to the floor.
nikidavis says2014-05-25T06:41:29.6453534-05:00
I wouldn't insult them, but tell someone else about it. While it is true that they don't really know what they're saying, maybe their special ED teacher can help them with not doing it.
Haroush says2014-05-25T09:09:15.7145490-05:00
Reality check 101: Those who are in special ed programs aren't stupid, but they do suffer from different types of disabilities. Some suffer from learning disabilities and others have behavioral problems which are no fault of their own. To be blunt, if you get offended by special ed student, then you should be in special ed too because your comprehension level of understanding is very low.
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:00:39.4269344-05:00
What would be the point? School is for learning. It is not to practice religion, to vet you weird ideologies, to form terrorizing gangs, or take out your personal problem on those who are weaker somehow. If you feel the need to "bully"; that only means one of two things: someone is bullying you at school too or someone at home is bullying you. Because all this "bullying" in learned behavior from an ever growing uncoping, knee jerk reacting, grab a gun, or have a fit reactionary society. Why one would even ponder the question, quite frankly, I find disturbing in of itself.

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